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Pet Cat Dog Bowl Feeder With Water Dispenser

Pet Cat Dog Bowl Feeder With Water Dispenser

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This is a pet bowl feeder automatic with water dispenser for cat & dogs. 


  • Triple Bowls with Automatic Water Bottle: 2 in 1 feeder bowl design. Two  bowl for food, third bowl with automatic water bottle for drinking. It will refill the water into the water tank automatically and keep the water cleaning whether you at home or not.
  • Safe Material: Made of environmentally friendly PP material, safe and sanitary.
  • Easy to Clean: The  bowl is removable, easy to take out and clean. The pet bowl had better be rinsed or wiped clean after each using.
  • The product has multiple functions, such as dry and wet separation, multi-function bowl, easy assembly and automatic water storage. 
  • Good for Cats & Dogs: This pet food and water bowl is suitable for cats and dogs making feeding easier and saving your time.
  • How to Use:Fill the water bottle with fresh water. Now put it on the small groove, water will outflow into water tank.  A perfect choice for your pets. 


  • Product Capacity 500ml.
  • Type:With Water Dispenser
  • Material:Plastic
  • Color:White, Pink, Gray, Blue, Green
  • Material:Plastic 

Package Includes

    • 1 x Bowl Feeder With Water Dispenser

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     Meet multiple needs

    1:Snacks 2:Drinking water 3:Food


    15 degree tilt To protect the spine

    Automatic water storage full without overflow


    Durable and safe material


    Fully rotating use



    Completely removable and easy to clean


    1:Dry and wet separation
    2:500ml capacity
    3:Sink baffle, no wet mouth
    4:Card slot, firmly placed


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